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Wordpress for SMS

Make your Wordpress content available via SMS Text Message in three easy steps: That's it, you're ready!

Try the Demo

WordpreSMS allows you to distribute your Wordpress content via SMS. Reserve a keyword and people will be able to request content from your blog by texting in. It's simple, free and quick. Give it a try.

The cost of the SMS will be charged back to the end user. Is different from country to country and can be seen under pricing.

WordpreSMS is available in the following countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Austria

Example Project

KnowYourOnions.com, a successful mobile recipes service in the UK uses WordpreSMS to deliver mobile recipes. Users send a couple of keywords to a short code and receive a recipe suggestion via SMS. The reply includes a shopping list for all ingredients used for the recipe. More information can be found under www.knowyouronions.com.


WordpreSMS is Beta

WordpreSMS is still beta and we want to provide the best possible service. But to do this, we rely on your feedback!

Please let us know where we can improve. Send us your suggestions to feedback@wordpresms.com

Thanks for your help!